Something you learn, not words you can hear

“Last night in private, I asked the wise old man. To reveal to me the secret of the world. Softly he whispered hush!, in my ear: “It’s something you learn, not words you can hear.” – Rumi


This quotes really inspires me to reflect life based on my experiences. The secret of the world can be learn – first from our own life (our own world). To understand and to conquer self is the best victory ever. As what Plato said: “The first and best victory is to conquer self.”

There were things happened in your life either good or bad because of what you lack or good at. But in the end still you learned and reflected to it. That’s the good thing.

As for me, I tried to learn things from others life as well. I listen to some stories from old but wise men. I read some biographies from those great men at their time.

I don’t give much time about what others told me to do or wants me to be. But still I will listen and reflect to it. But I tried to do what really inspires me and moves me. This is now my motto to pursue.

I do not give time and don’t listen to those hearsays. They are not true.


The secret of the world is something you learn from your life’s experiences and from others as well. Those are ideas or lessons that you – only you can understand. Not those words from other people’s mind.

I am still learning things in my life’s journey. I do mistakes a lot along the way but those mistakes improves me. Maybe I don’t yet find the secret of the world – what is it anyway? 🤔 But I try to live life the way I want to be – perfectly soon! …but I am not perfect!…😄

This is my Thursday motivational thoughts. Hope you have a great day! GOD bless 😉


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