Be happy with your life!

"Be happy with your life!" he shouted as he passed me by on the runners' track while cheering them. I spent my Friday evening as one of the staffs in the night race event in my city. Our work is partly volunteering because we were paid too. I was assigned in the field at the … Continue reading Be happy with your life!


Something you learn, not words you can hear

"Last night in private, I asked the wise old man. To reveal to me the secret of the world. Softly he whispered hush!, in my ear: "It's something you learn, not words you can hear." - Rumi THOUGHTS: This quotes really inspires me to reflect life based on my experiences. The secret of the world … Continue reading Something you learn, not words you can hear


The language that all people can undestand is our SMILE - that it means kindness. 😁 As Mother Teresa quoted: "Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." Are you a smiling person? Do you give smiles to strangers too? Few of my friends asked: "Why you … Continue reading Smile