Be happy with your life!

“Be happy with your life!” he shouted as he passed me by on the runners’ track while cheering them.

I spent my Friday evening as one of the staffs in the night race event in my city. Our work is partly volunteering because we were paid too. I was assigned in the field at the runners’ track to guide all the participants where to go ahead.

“Good job! Enjoy!” I smiled while clapping my hands as runners passed me by.

“Thank you!” some responded.

“Your welcome!” I smiled.

Then someone shouted “Be happy with your life!” as he already passed me by – a few distance away from me and still looking at me.

I looked at him and whispered: “Of course!” but he didn’t heard and continue running. 😊


“Be happy with your life!” Was this a suggestion or encouragement from that guy or did he mean “go find another job!” I’m confused by that moment.

If this was an encouragement. “Thank you very much!” I am always finding ways to feel happy not just from the things I have or from the people I am with but also to find happiness even with myself. That is in the state of mind.

Or if this was because I looked inferior because of the work I did and he thought I was not happy. Well, I am not so sure what he mean but if – then this only I can say. That work was my past time – some weekend activities I like. Paid or not that doesn’t matter on me, I was just enjoying things like volunteering on weekends. We were happy anyway.

Well, I am still on the side of positivity and I know that he was encouraging me that night. “Thank you!”

This is my reflection Sunday. Sometimes when we utter words to others and the way we speak those words – it leads to two interpretations either in a positive way or the opposite. We cannot control that. But when we smile that means positivity. Keep smiling! 😁

Thank you for reading. I hope you had a beautiful Sunday! Be always happy! 😉


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