The Word

1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD.” – John 1:1


This verse in the Holy Bible wrote by Apostle John was so myterious and I myself cannot dig deep too much in this.

Any thoughts here?? 😁

But I can write few things here about the “word”.

The power of words and the power of prayers! 🙏🏻

Words is too powerful same with thoughts. We can change our worlds from our words & thoughts. That’s why wise men advise us that we must think before we say. Words is more likely a sword or sharper than sword when it hits you.

When we utter our words in our prayer that will leads to reality, especially when we believe in it.

I read that most successful people when they dream, they write it and read it loudly everyday. This habit makes their dreams come true.

In this journey in ‘word power’ I am applying it in my life on progress. Yeah, I am still a work in progress.

I hope that your Sunday is great. GOD bless! 🙏🏻



6 thoughts on “The Word

  1. Mike and Elfriede says:

    MisaeMich, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the words we speak. Words can help and at the same time destroy; like you quoted that we should think before we speak. Very wise!
    I think that God only gave us one mouth because of that, but two ears so we can listen to Him and our fellow men. Blessings to you, Elfriede

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    • MisaeMich says:

      Thank you Elfriede for your comment & like, it is really appreciated. ❤️

      Yes I agree, words are very much powerful & it is our responsibility to be mindful of what we utter.

      Very much indeed, GOD is the most wise Holy creator. He has a purpose in all we were designed & created to.

      GOD bless you too!
      Misae ❤️

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