When life gives you lemon 🍋

MisaeMich© painting: Oil on canvas #3; Dimension: 30 X 40cm

Written by: MisaeMich© [22nd of August 2020]; Posted on: 24th of August 2020

“When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”

– Dale Carnegie

  • Sometimes there are days or hour,
  • When feelings taste like sweet or sour;
  • Life’s indeed have flavors & colours,
  • Live it & grasp it whatever she offers.
  • If life gives you lemon – make a lemonade!
  • Taste it & share it before it faded.
  • Be who you are inside & outside,
  • Life is a journey so enjoy your ride.
  • The brightest yellowish shades of lemons;
  • Whom many love it & make their favorites.
  • It’s acidic & mostly sour tastes,
  • But gives our foods its delicious flavours.
  • And so as in life adventures,
  • Trials & struggles makes us better;
  • To grow older & wiser,
  • To understand & to love deeply more.


This copyright applies to this post and image. Any of these may not be copied or reproduced without a written permission or credits to the author.

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