Everyone of us differs in skills, no two persons have the same talents. Each of us are unique. We have our own expertise and no one can be little of that individuality.

Have you been in a situation that in your environment you are not appreciated? Are you feeling depress and disappointed? Are you alone?

My friend, don’t be discourage. It’s okay if you sometimes feel alone or depress but prove to yourself that you are great in your own way. As long as you didn’t step to someone else – you are doing well. 😉


Compare not to others. The only person you are competing is your previous self. If someone is looking down on you, based on your profession or status in life just face them and say: “Talents differ; all is well and wisely put!” <Quoted from Ralph Waldo Emerson poem – about the mountain and the squirrel.> GOD bless!😘

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