“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” – William Barclay

to see the world01

“photo taken Mt. Helo, Sharjah, UAE”

As we journey life, there are days that we were not sure what we really want – so it seems that it’s trial and error. Don’t worry about that, make mistakes! There’s no limit of discovering self as well as it’s not too late to set new goals. As long as you enjoy your days and a blessing to others that’s enough! Do not worry and stress much.

I am not good of talking about myself, but well – if this can be an inspiration and yes this blog is for my experiences, so let me share first mine. As I grow older or let’s say wiser – hehe! Slowly, I realize the things I love – of course it is still in process and I’m flexible to it (in GOD’s grace).

Two years back, I conquered my shyness (lil by lil) and did join volunteer works (which I longed to do ever since I’m young). Yes, I did shared some of my time, shared some of my skills and been a blessing. Money can’t buy that feeling of completeness and while volunteering I met happy people and met friends with same mindset.

Later on a year after, I did some small trips/travels and even hiking too – most with friends and the other alone. This I conquered my fear of thinking unsafe places and dishonesty of people. Now I am confident that there are a lot of good places and great people out there: regardless of race, belief and status in life. Yes, I met some of them and counting!

Volunteering, traveling, knowing different cultures, visiting new places and hiking/climbing to mountains are great! You will slowly understand life, humbled and discover great things through being with others and seeing the world. These are my passion and one of my goals.

Well, even though I love those outdoor thing now and want to know more different cultures – still I value having some time being alone (I was used being alone in my previous years). Where I can talk to myself, pray to my GOD, meditate or mostly noisy thoughts (haha), think deep and dream! Yeah, I still love to do that. I’m still on the process of balancing and conquering myself in my imperfect ways.

I love to express in writing my gratitude about how wonderful the world is! Hopefully, all of us understand how to live life and knows how to appreciate one’s progress. It’s a great life! It’s a great world! 🙂

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