True chemistry

“The secret is to find someone who engages you deeply, to form a connection that goes further than desire and lust. It’s not enough to covet only a face or a body, true chemistry begins with the intellect and heart.” ~ Beau Taplin


They found a little courage, that shimmered in the sun.They blended it with patience,and just a spice of fun.They poured in hope & laughter,and then with a sudden twist;they stirred it all together,and made an Optimist. ~ Unknown


MisaeMich© painting: Oil on canvas #4; Dimension: 30 X 40cm Written by: MisaeMich©, 8th of August 2020Edited: 22nd of August 2020 Posted on: 18th of September 2020 “It’s like I want you to look at me but I turn my head if you do.”- unknown She’s an old-fashioned, - and she’s not ashamed.She have many … Continue reading Reserve

Let it go

Photo by MisaeMich; background: Broken Heart shaped rocks @ Jeti-Oguz, Issyk-Kul province Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬 Written by: MisaeMich© [18th of July 2020]; Posted on: 11th of September 2020 “Sometimes feelings need to let it go.” Old fashioned adventures,Reserved lifestyle devotions;Naive from the world of fashions,Walk by loyalty and virtues. Saddened and heartaches,Feelings keep on keeping;Secrets buried … Continue reading Let it go