Time for everything

The phone rang, she answered.Got up, got out, went there."I'm sorry" he said."It's okay" she replied.That day she felt, calm and light hearted,Is she worried? Nope she didn't!You are brave! One guy said.Replied by still smile on her face.Days gone while away,Feelings change as mind thinketh;To consider the things she reminded,Still duties remain she shouldered.This … Continue reading Time for everything



Una ka'ng nakaila sa akoa, Bisa'g sa kalibutan ako wala pa. Siyam ka bulan imo ako'ng gidala-dala, Bisan lisod nalipay ka 'Ma'. Sa unang kong paghilak, Ikaw usab mihilak. Sa lub-os gihigugma mo ako, Bisan ako wala pa mahibalo. Akong tinuod nga amiga, Sa akong pagkamayo o pagkamaldita. Naa gihapon ikaw mulaban sa akoa, Sa … Continue reading Inahan


'Obstacles, Challenges and Trials add more colors & flavors in life.' As we (me & friends) spend our weekends we decided to went to old market in Dubai. They have their photograph practice and I did click views in my phone. Colors, flavors, spices, boats, birds and people inspires me and decides to write it … Continue reading Colors