MisaeMich© painting: Oil on canvas #4; Dimension: 30 X 40cm Written by: MisaeMich©, 8th of August 2020Edited: 22nd of August 2020 Posted on: 18th of September 2020 “It’s like I want you to look at me but I turn my head if you do.”- unknown She’s an old-fashioned, - and she’s not ashamed.She have many … Continue reading Reserve

Let it go

Photo by MisaeMich; background: Broken Heart shaped rocks @ Jeti-Oguz, Issyk-Kul province Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬 Written by: MisaeMich© [18th of July 2020]; Posted on: 11th of September 2020 “Sometimes feelings need to let it go.” Old fashioned adventures,Reserved lifestyle devotions;Naive from the world of fashions,Walk by loyalty and virtues. Saddened and heartaches,Feelings keep on keeping;Secrets buried … Continue reading Let it go

Awaken the Gift

MisaeMich© painting: Oil on canvas #1; Dimension: 30 X 40cm Written by: MisaeMich© [08th June 2020] Man was crafted purposely,With all the parts reasonably;Like His image so beautifully,‘Twas a happy day - happily! You are loved since before you were born,With His gentle care you were formed;The reason why He made you in His likeness;Because … Continue reading Awaken the Gift


Everyone of us differs in skills, no two persons have the same talents. Each of us are unique. We have our own expertise and no one can be little of that individuality. Have you been in a situation that in your environment you are not appreciated? Are you feeling depress and disappointed? Are you alone? … Continue reading Talents