Memories: Mumbai, India 🇮🇳 | Travel 2018

Memories indeed are treasures that you can keep forever. ♥️ This quote indeed summarizes all the feelings I had today. Remembering those not so many travels I had gone but worth it.

This post is for my travel memories in India with my friends way back in 2018. Though this travel was just a short time (3 days only) but it was a well spent. We visited places that are interesting for us especially for myself.

The link below is my separate blog. These are the detailed lists of places we had traveled with in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. I can say it is a must to visit for a short trips. ☺

Just recently, I finish my video edits from my travel memories in India and I put it here too. I started with our Day 3:

“A wise man said nothing.”

~ Buddha

Our original plan is to visit Ellora caves but due to a busy season, we cannot book a train or flights going there. So we checked another ancient sites which are so close to Mumbai. We found Kanheri caves (Day 3) & Elephanta caves (Day 2).

For more reads & details it’s on my TraVolMisch blog link above.

Also, to know why we visit Dhobi Ghat & Dharavi Slums rather than those luxurious places in Mumbai check it on our Day 3 video below.

Day 3:

(note: just found later in the video a typical error tress for trees – sorry)

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Day 2:

“Your travel is not complete without backpacking to India.”

~ some quoted

Day 1:


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