Resurrection Sunday

“He has risen! He is not here.”

~ Mark 16:6

I am happy to know that ‘The Chosen’ season 2 is up to launch at Easter. I am a supporter and a fan of their work. The trailer below. ♥️

6 thoughts on “Resurrection Sunday

  1. writegardener says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Perhaps Hollywood will realize there are still many people who prefer using their time to watch something worthwhile and wholesome rather than a depressing decay of values, morals and ethics. I hope to be able to tune in. Happy Easter to you.

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    • MisaeMich says:

      Happy Easter to your dear WG! ♥️ You’re welcome. 😉 Thank you for your thoughts as well.

      Indeed, that’s what I have in mind too. Honestly, I am not a fan in Hollywood movies nowadays. True, most of the movies these days, are lack of values, morals & ethics. So so sad.

      I hope you can watch it. It’s better you will first watch the season 1. They have an app & it’s free to watch. Here’s the link to download their app 👉🏼


    • MisaeMich says:

      Hi Shelly, happy Easter!! ♥️

      Wow! I’m happy that I shared it here for you & to others to know there is.

      The Chosen series are more realistic than some (Christ based movies) I’ve watched and the diversity of ideas they came up to the series – I really appreciate it.

      Indeed, you should watch it and do first watch the season 1. You can download the app too to watch all the episodes for free. Here’s the link 👉🏼

      Hehe, to be honest I haven’t watch that movie ‘Lucifer’ 😁 and yeah I’m not a fan for most of the movies nowadays.



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