The real battle

“The battle is not between you and the world, the real battle is between you and your mind.”

~ Alexander den Heijer

6 thoughts on “The real battle

  1. Mike and Elfriede says:

    So true! Just reading and studying the book “Mind Frames – Where life’s battle is won or lost” by Warren Henderson. “In MIND FRAMES the author shares six scriptural exercises to strengthen the mind’s ability to focus Godward and then presents a dozen Christlike attitudes-mind frames- to guard our thoughts in challenging circumstances. These mind frames are used by the Spirit to bring our thoughts into alignment with the ways of God.”
    I can really recommend this book. It’s a helpful resource in our fight against the evil one who tries to get back into our minds. ISBN188270194-1
    Thank you for posting that true statement. Blessings, Elfriede

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