MisaeMich© painting: Oil on canvas #4; Dimension: 30 X 40cm

Written by: MisaeMich©, 8th of August 2020
Edited: 22nd of August 2020
Posted on: 18th of September 2020

“It’s like I want you to look at me but I turn my head if you do.”

– unknown

She’s an old-fashioned,
– and she’s not ashamed.
She have many weaknesses,
– but dwells in her strengths.

She can take things for granted,
– but quite sensitive.
Maybe she know few things,
– and maybe innocent in much.

Thirty-ish taught her a lot,
In laughs, cries and hope;
Truly a very – very old soul,
But young – so young at heart.

In her perfect imperfections,
She’s either bitter or sweet;
– mature or childish,
– foolish or wise,
– boring or antic!

She preferred:
– Friendships in a relationships,
– Love is sacred;
– Kindness to live,
‘Reserve’ to be found.

This ‘reserve’ woman painting ‘oil on canvas’ already given to a friend of mine Ms. Sheryl.


This copyright applies to this post and image. Any of these may not be copied or reproduced without a written permission or credits to the author.

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