Let it go

Photo by MisaeMich; background: Broken Heart shaped rocks @ Jeti-Oguz, Issyk-Kul province Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬

Written by: MisaeMich© [18th of July 2020]; Posted on: 11th of September 2020

“Sometimes feelings need to let it go.”

  • Old fashioned adventures,
  • Reserved lifestyle devotions;
  • Naive from the world of fashions,
  • Walk by loyalty and virtues.
  • Saddened and heartaches,
  • Feelings keep on keeping;
  • Secrets buried deep inside,
  • Locked by pride or fear?
  • ‘Tis woman I know,
  • Been penned and told ago;
  • In love and dreamt of fantasies,
  • Alone and sole she felt.
  • Feelings felt but couldn’t express,
  • The journey she climbed;
  • She walked and hiked,
  • ‘Twas a burden she carried – alone and tired.
  • Trying hard for a bit of time,
  • Forcing herself to forget the fondness within;
  • Happiness she felt she thought she did,
  • But failed like a wind blows when your good name appeared.
  • Yes it is!
  • Tho your very far – far away,
  • In the eyes of this devoted lassie,
  • Those letters she sees beautifully.
  • Her wish to see you happy,
  • Live life as you want it to be,
  • She prays for it really,
  • And hope it will be.
  • Truly it pained – feelings to ‘let it go’,
  • But it ached more to hold on to.
  • Now her greatest thing to do,
  • Away from platforms you’re connected two.

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