Seedlings 🌱

My seedlings 🌱 grown at the balcony

29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

Genesis 1:29

My first time in growing seedlings in the desert & in my balcony. I don’t know what will happen for them next but I hope I can save them & be my indoor plants longer. These seeds I collected in my fruit diet though I throw most of the seeds here. Just recently, I decided to try few of them to grow indoor.

I don’t have plans to buy for my indoor plants, I will grow them or if someone generous enough I will accept it of course or barter. So one of my to do’s is to grow plants from my food either vegetables or fruits.

I dream to have my farm someday ❤️

They are not for indoors actually. These are oranges, apples, guavas & I just started peppers seeds too. I know apples is not good in the desert but I just tried them in this hot climate. Who knows they will live with me longer.

I tried first my oranges. They are great & they made me feel happy. Really, they makes me smile when I see them after work or in the morning. Who knows, maybe some of them will be planted outdoors or in the mountains. Thinking of it. 🤔

My first grown Oranges 🍊, beside are peppers seeds covered with soil that I just started.

Because I love my grown oranges, I decided to try apples too.

Above left are my three apples 🍎; the rest are guavas grown by my sister.

Together with my apples, I tried mango too but it died after I transferred it in the plastic bottle. I will try another one next time.


Many years ago, in my home country I am not so much into growing plants. I did tried of course like flower garden but most of them died, I thought maybe because I have warm hands. Do you believe in it? Like people with green thumb?

Now, I think I do not believe it anymore. Maybe, I did some mistakes those days or didn’t knew much in plants. I think it really needs knowledge & of course the care & love. Maybe I’m lacking of these attitudes before, since I had my other hobbies that time though. 😊

But later then, I found out that I love farming & I hope to have my farm someday. To have my own vegetables, fruits & flower garden. To plant more and more trees as well!

Indeed, I know that plants, trees, flowers are part of us. They are created for us human being (as well as animals) to live. We are one in this Life’s Ecosystem.

We need them, plants are very important for us. I think, that’s why GOD created them first.

“Healthy ecosystem promote healthy life.”

“He that plant tress, loves others besides himself.”

– Thomas Fuller

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man & nature shall not be broken.

– Leo Tolstoy

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