Are you traveling for food? – Georgia solo travel throwback

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.”

– Deborah Cater

Honestly, I am not a good cook (but this can be learn – yeah? 😁) as well as I’m not keen of food. In my solo, I can travel without big meals, at least I have snacks when tummy’s asking! 😄 But I am very appreciative when I like the food I eat. In my early travels I’m always concern of the landmarks & history. Later on after my solo trip in Georgia I’ve got a little interest of its countries’ cuisine. 😊

I learn that it’s part of their culture and history. So then later in my other travels, I’ve got chances to taste & know their food or delicacies. Even though not all but at least I am aware that foods are part of our culture & tradition. To know more of the country some said – taste it! Thankful to a fellow traveler I’ve met in Georgia for introducing some local foods to me he tried during his travel. From that I learned. 💕

For more details of Georgian foods I’ve tasted check my article below:

Georgia’s traditional foods and drinks you must try

You can check this video in my day 4 Georgia solo trip as well: 😉

26 thoughts on “Are you traveling for food? – Georgia solo travel throwback

    • MisaeMich says:

      Thank you Shy you like the video. Yes, Tbilisi is a beautiful city with lots of history & old structures. You certainly will visit there. Hopefully, travel easy will be back soon. All the best in your plans, I know you will enjoy their foods. 💕

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