Is Traveling Solo really Alone? – Armenia solo travel throwback

“If you never go, you’ll never know!”

– Anonymous

Posted: 10.JULY.2020; Updated: 08.AUG.2020

I think a lot of travelers tried traveling solo – right? If you are a traveler – have you done it? Will you also agree with me if I’ll advise in this post – that one should try to travel alone especially women? Please comment your thoughts below. 😉

I’m a late bloomer! Yeah it is, and an obedient to my parents. I’m a Filipino and you know what – I grew in a Filipino parents whom were very protective to their kids especially to the girls. Though my parents didn’t allowed many things in my teens and young adulthood but I was given an explanations. So maybe that’s why I obeyed them. 😊

I am also an introvert – so parties, fiestas and outdoors with many people were not my thing. Mind you, I have many relatives who don’t know me physically – maybe only by nickname. 😄 I think many knew, that Filipinos has a close family ties even to a very far relatives. But me, I seldom went to any occasions with them, so I didn’t know most of them, except the nearest relatives of course. Post discusses my introvert nature link below:

Those times where I used to be in my comfort zones. Yeah, even during my studies – My father most of the time used to drop off & pick me up in school up to college. Of course, I didn’t regret any about that – I’m always thankful to them anyway. They’ve done a lot of sacrifices for us. I love them! 💕 Getting out of my comfort zone link below:

So here’s the thing! When I became independent and can live by my own, still my parents advise me especially phrases like: “Do not go alone.” “Do not go to unknown places.” “Travel with friends.” “Be careful always” Etc etc… These reminders I still heard from them even up to these days.

On the year of 2016, when I totally decided to go out farther and travel by myself! To a place I haven’t gone before, with majority of the language I don’t speak or understand. My parents when I told them didn’t agreed with it. But traveling solo was set already in my mind and I’m very certain of that journey. It was just a short trip tho. I gave my rational side with respect, in the end they agreed – they had no choice anyway. 😊

Also many asked why solo – it’s lonely & boring. My answers link below:

Why you travel solo?

So here’s the question, is ‘Traveling Solo really Alone? My experienced link below:

Note that I am not a long time traveler. I only travels during holidays or long weekends or on my annual vacations. So my travel experiences especially in solo were not that fully unlike those who travel long term. But still I hope, my experiences inspires many of you.

In my travels, I always credits to the Almighty above. With His blessings I’ve traveled safely and learned things from within. In my life’s journey, I’m on progress but still, I know that I know nothing.

Thank you for reading! Happy travels and GOD bless you all.

“Life is a wonderful adventure! From the inside and out.”

22 thoughts on “Is Traveling Solo really Alone? – Armenia solo travel throwback

  1. writegardener says:

    Indeed we do have much in common, Misaemich. When I first began blogging, I considered writing about traveling alone and as a female. However, with all that’s transpired in the world I have (sadly) grown more hesitant about doing so. Still, I admire your independence and fortitude. Just be prudent and discerning. Surely, your parents cautioned you only out of their love and concern for you. (As I matured, I had to find a balance with my Mom’s over-cautionary warnings. It sounds like you are too.)

    Now, when you say you are an introvert I wonder if you might also be an HSP. This is something I’ve discovered about myself only in the last few years and do refer to it at times in my posts. Once I discovered this about myself, many lifelong questions I had were answered. You may want to take Dr. Elaine Aron’s test to see if being a Highly Sensitive Person applies to you.

    That said, I do enjoy solitude so traveling alone has not been a problem and can be quite freeing. As with life, there are both sides to a coin. May you continue to be curious about the world and sharing your love with it!

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    • MisaeMich says:

      Thank you writegardener.

      Media mostly shows the negative side but not that really the case still good places & good people are the majority in the world.

      True same here, I understand my parents. It’s a part of their discipline and I found & know that we have limits as well. Just to balance.

      I don’t know much about HSP, but yeah I’m a sensitive person. But still need to work it to balance.. Thanks for the recommendation. 😉

      Truly it is, life have ups & downs. But it also as “Life is what you make it”. Sometimes, I need to be bias in handling life, still accepts the negative ones but never dwell in it too much. I’m a work on progress tho. 🙏🏼

      Thank you for your great thoughts, it’s great to talk to you like this.

      GOD bless ❤️

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  2. mountaincoward says:

    You sound a lot like me – I like my own company and am quite insular and not very sociable. But I’m perfectly sociable to people I meet on my travels as then I have something in common with the people I’m meeting.

    Well done for breaking free from convention and living your life how you want to! and especially for travelling alone. So many people think women shouldn’t do that but I’ve never felt that way.

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    • MisaeMich says:

      Great to know and happy to meet you Carol! 🤩 Indeed, me as well! I can be sociable in most of my travels esp. in solo.

      Thank you for inspiring me! True, many asked me why I traveled solo, some don’t agree with it for female like us. But though our experiences we can say “We Can!”

      Thank you for your great comments!
      Misae ❤️


  3. Shobana Gomes says:

    I think people generally think that it is dangerous for a woman to travel alone, well, in a way it is, but these days women are much more equipped to handle dangers of any kind, they are more courageous, and enthusiastic about what they want out of life. They are technically, and travel savvy, so go ahead, enjoy your own company (I love my own company) and may your travels be as interesting as you.

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    • MisaeMich says:

      It is esp. parents (but I understand them). 😊 For safety, I think there are lots of places are safe. Only then we knew many dangerous places & people because of the news & movies we saw. But for me in real life mostly people are good. Of course, anywhere could be safe & dangerous – anything happens anywhere & anytime. All I can say (& praying) that girls – always be careful. 🙏🏼

      Indeed, women nowadays are so independent & brave. Many live their lives as they want it to be.

      Thank you so much Shobana for your comment. 💕


  4. Easymalc says:

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on travelling alone, and as you rightly say, the background you are brought up in will always have a bearing on how you are as a person.

    For what it’s worth I do enjoy travelling alone, but I also enjoy mixing with other people. It all depends on the circumstances. I’ve had some great times and some really happy memories when I’ve travelled with others, but if I want a more profound experience, then travelling alone is a must. There’s no substitute for being at one with what you are feeling about a place, and it also gives you the option to choose your timing, which is often critical for a good experience.

    I do believe females are more vulnerable than males when travelling alone, but it’s not unusual for males to feel threatened either. Anyway, a great blog. Thanks.

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    • MisaeMich says:

      Wow! I love your comments. 💕 It’s great to hear from man’s point of view in traveling solo. Thank you so much you like it.

      Yes, I agree – traveling alone or traveling with friends differ in experiences but all are great (in it’s own way). I did travel with friends too & I love it as well.

      Indeed, traveling alone is freeing! We can choose our time & places to go. 😄 As of me, it also gives deep impact of self meaning.

      True, it depends on the situation. But I think female should be more cautious in traveling solo but still will always enjoy the journey.

      Great thoughts of you! Thank you 💕

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      • Easymalc says:

        Thanks for your smashing reply. I totally agree with you about being alone at a place giving more self-meaning. I’m not a religious person, but I don’t think you need to be to have deep spiritul feelings.

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      • MisaeMich says:

        Well, it’s my weekend wordpress. 😄
        Indeed, for me being human we are spiritual beings as well.

        I am very open to diverse beliefs and that I learn in my travels. There are many beautiful souls in diversity & different cultures. 💕 Thank you

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  5. viewfromoverthehill says:

    I absolutely have LOVED travelling alone, however, I am not an introvert and talk to strangers easily. So, when on my own, I met many interesting people and have kept in touch with them by email or snail mail (when necessary) and we’ve visited and stayed with each other and I’m still in touch with them today — in my 80s. I have loved the freedom of doing what I want when I travelled…
    Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I’ll look forward to following yours as well. Cheers.

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    • MisaeMich says:

      Thanks for your comment. ❤️ Love to know you did travel alone too. Happy of you dear, how great it is to still communicate with them in your 80’s. 😍

      As of me, I have friends from my travels too. Maybe few but we also keeping touch still. Wish, like yours it will gone to my late age also. 😊

      You are most welcome. Thank you for stopping by. 💕


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