Fear not for HE is with us

“I sought the Lord, and HE heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

– Psalm 34:4 (KJV)

For my daily verse, I found this one good to ponder on in this time of pandemic. Honestly, I have this mix emotions when handling and thinking about this covid19.

In the very beginning, I do outdoor activities before the lockdown in the country (I am with). My response was I’m not worried. I didn’t wore mask then, tho not yet mandatory and no fine yet at the earlier days. I do shake hands as well. I did not worry and I am not into fear.

Later on I heard many friends are working from home and so as many also do it around the world – my mind changed! I like the idea then. As an introvert, it’s very okay for me. But then our company didn’t allowed us to do the same as long as we have the proper precautions – so work at the office still. This leads to some of us to worry and had mixed feelings.

I came to a bit worried too! Though I am not much in worry about myself but for the people around me. As what it is said that maybe you can be a carrier of the virus in some cases. But then later – I realized, and yeah we should be immune. Bacteria and viruses are part of us!

Though this things didn’t paralyzed me to really believe the numbers – the total in the world? See, how come thousands, millions? Sure? So in my mind I have lots of questions already. How about those other deadly diseases? What’s the purpose? Who benefit it? 🤔 What really concerns me in this time of pandemic are those:

  • Small enterprises and solopreneurs.
  • The poor and the hungry
  • Abandoned children
  • People on the streets or the homeless

The normal change rapidly not just in one country but in the whole world. Though I used to like or do different things from the many but I became part of the normal – covid19 version.

Now it’s almost two months already from the lockdown where I am and soon most companies will be back to work again. I think it’s a good news! Still, I am grateful to this country I am with. 💕


  • The lack of sunlight.
  • The lack of fresh air to breath.
  • Few got emotionally unhealthy.
  • As well as few got mentally ill.
  • Others got panic, when they knew someone who have a little cough or colds – they will report it immediately. (Which in reality these are the reaction of our immune system to fight back the bacteria they didn’t like. That’s the process inside our body naturally.)
  • When found positive, isolation begins and no family and friends allowed to care/visit the sick. (Who truly needs compassion and love to make them better.)
  • More trash littered from the mask and plastic gloves we used.


  • At least the earth is freed from pollutions.
  • Wild animals are free to roam around the wild and anywhere they like.
  • Skies are clearer.
  • Others discovered new talents and hobbies.
  • Some enjoyed reading books and their ideas widen.
  • Few got courses and study online.
  • Families get more closer with each other.
  • More profits to few big corporations thru online purchases.

[Also, I will give credits to the company I am with. Though, most of the businesses here have struggles this year because of this pandemic but still I am very much thankful, at least we are still together. GOD bless as always and to all my colleagues and heads.] 💕


  • Do not be controlled by fear.
  • We have the power to control ourselves.
  • We are the only one “first” who can take care of our health.
  • Boosting our health naturally through these best natural doctors we have freely: 1. SUNLIGHT 2. AIR 3. REST (more sleep – if can’t do it daily, recharge on the weekends) and others like: 4. WATER (more water!) 5. NATURAL and HEALTHY FOODS 6. EXERCISE. If doctors really needed, we have many kind and Holy Doctors – find them.
  • The right people who would be given by our praise and appreciation are those in uniforms not in branded clothes! They are: doctors, military/soldiers/police, teachers, employees, janitors, street sweepers, delivery people, drivers and many others especially the farmers. Most of them are the frontliners!
  • The greatest distance in the world is just only 14 inches. That is between our brain and heart. Our responsibility is to balance between them.
  • Pray. This is the most powerful weapon we have.
  • Still be kind, humble, respect and love one another.
  • But don’t stop to asks questions! Not everything that feed us are good for us.


This article is based only on my opinions and views. At the end of the day, I am the only one who knows me – inside (as well as you in yourself). We all have our time to live – so live it. Still, I am humbling myself (I am nothing) and I let GOD do HIS will. 🙏🏼

The things I learned and practices I wrote here were based only on my beliefs and experiences. Still, for your health concerns – ask your doctors. 😉

As always, do the basic hygiene for your safety and follow the rules in your country. Also, I hope we will pray for each others goodness. 🙏🏼

“HE who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.”

I pray and hope that everyone are safe and healthy and for those who are sick to get better and well. Take charge of yourself then and I hope we are all compassionate with each other. Still, if you believe in GOD – believe!

GOD bless! ❤️

7 thoughts on “Fear not for HE is with us

  1. writegardener says:

    I re-read this post today and it still bears true. I am so glad you rely on God and the wisdom He has given you to handle the virus in the best possible way, rather than to be succumbed to the fear so readily dished out by MSM, SM and legislators. Stay safe and sane dear friend. Peace and warm wishes to you —

    Liked by 2 people

    • MisaeMich says:

      Thank you so much dear friend WG. Really appreciate your comment. ❤️

      I believe there is nothing greater than the divine, I lifted it all to Him. We cannot live life if we are dependent to what the media etc. feed us. It’s just give us more fear. Been awhile I didn’t check the numbers actually. But still of course – following & respect the rules where I am.

      Same to you dear, best of health, be safe & peace of mind the most. GOD bless! 🙏🏼♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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