Princess Emily

It was a lonely day for Emily, daughter of the king;
That king Patrick wants her to marry the young Prince.
Who lives in the other kingdom far from their place;
That she don’t know and even don’t meet him.

“O why are you lonely, Princess Emely my dear?
O why are you sad, my pretty young daughter?”
“Mother, I am scared of my father’s decision,
By marrying the Prince that I don’t even knew.”

O quickly, quickly she walk,
To the place where she was sitting;
“Don’t be scared young daughter of mine,
‘Cause the young Prince is very good & kind.”

And slowly, slowly rose she up,
Facing her mother and holding her hands;
“Really mother he is very good and kind?
Lying to me so that I will marry him.”

“O do you remember, Princess Emely my dear,” said her mother.
“Your the only daughter we have,
Lying to you is not for your own good.”
And very kind to Emily.

“O I know, I know, mother my dear,
And tell my father that I will marry the young Prince.”
Then come her father dear,
And introduce the young kind Prince.

“O Princess Emely, how pretty you are!” said the young Prince.
With grateful mood and kind manners,
That both of them like;
And feel in love with each other.

<by MisaeMich – English Literature subj. (third year high sch. a ballad proj. edited few words 2018>

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