Persian experience

‘Even After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky.’ by Hafez

Hafez or Hafiz (pen name) was a Persian poet dated back in 1315-1390 from Shiraz, Iran.

I travelled solo in Shiraz for 4 days and it was great. I know my trip there was not enough to experience the goodness of Persian people and the country but still I love my trip. Now, I miss it! ❤️

I am very thankful for my hostel host – Mehrane and Mahmoud of Friendly Hostel in Shiraz. They are lovely, friendly and hospitable couple. Mehrane treated me well when I’m in the hostel. Mahmoud is a great guide too (’twas in Persepolis). You can check Friendly hostel on IG at: Friendly_Hostel2 and their website: Friendly Hostel Shiraz.

Other experience which I also can’t forget was when I visited the Qashqai nomads in the mountain of Kahkaran, Sepidan county, Fars, Iran. I’ve been there for 1 day and 1 night. I was with my tour guide named Ahad. To contact him, he’s on IG at Qashqai_Oghlu.

When I reached the camp, I met such a lovely family. Khan’s son (with family) and few relatives (who lived already in the village) were there in the camp as well. “Guys, thank you so much for your hospitality. Wish I can talk to you all in your language. 😊 Hoping in the future I can visit you again.” 🙏🏻

{Qashqai people are mixed of clans in Iran consisting of mostly Turkic people but also Lurs, Kurds, and Arabs. Most of them speak Turki (Western Oghuz Turkic) as well as Persian. The majority of Qashqai people were originally nomadic pastoralists and some remain so today. The traditional nomadic Qashqai travelled with their flocks twice yearly to and from the summer highland pastures north of Shiraz roughly 480 km or 300 miles south to the winter pastures on lower (and warmer) lands near the Persian Gulf, to the southwest of Shiraz.} <wiki>

Yes, I slept in the nomads’ camp! Owned by Khan (Ahad’s uncle) and Zahra.

At night, Khan’s brother (a nomad) with his family visited us in the camp too. It was a great experience though we can’t communicate in the same language. But I love the way they tried. Zahrah, Sahboh and Fatima really appreciated your effort for trying to speak few English to communicate with me. But in the end our smiles and each one’s kindness were the best communication we had.

Here is a quick video from my trip in Fars province Iran:

Iran is a great country with majority of great people as well. Even though I had just a short trip but my travel experience in Fars is to keep. Indeed, I love my trip there. ♥

Few of us sometimes give labels (or stereotype) to a country and Iran is not the exception. I heard few others gave some comments when they knew I was planning to travel to Iran but those didn’t stop me. I know people are good and these are the majority in the world (which the media didn’t tell us so). And this is true, we cannot paint a country with a single paint brush.

“The world is filled with nice people, if you can’t find one be one.”

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