“Live Truly”

Oh! Give us men with vision clear,
Of rugged hearts that knew no fear;
Good men who are both brave and bold,
Unshaken by the lure of gold.

Who stand for right whatever their fate,
Such men will make our nation great.

He liveth long, who liveth well,
Or else in life has thrown away;
He liveth longest who can tell,
Of true things truly done each day.

Live truly and thy life shall be,
A great and noble creed.

I am remembering some poems I love long time ago (back in grade schools) and I recall the poem above. First I remember only few phrases then later on I come up as what I wrote above. But I am not certain who’s the poet of this poem. Some came in mind like Phoebe Carey or Horatius Bonar but I can’t find it in google. 🤔

I have the book actually – an old book (from my grandfather) where this poem is written but the book is not with me today. I am not in my hometown so I can’t check the details of this poem now. Yet still I love to post it today. 😄

Anyone, who knows the right title & author of this poem? And if it is written correctly? If you know – please share it here and I will edit this post immediately.

Thank you 😉

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