Her three secret hearts

Want to tell you this,
A ‘bit sacred I guess;
To any don’t spread please,
This secret she really keeps.

Those years of innocence,
Young, tender and mild;
Her secret first love lasted,
Eleven years of fantacies.

To love alone,
Unknown to any;
Even to best of friends,
Is a feeling so lonely.

Waited for the moment,
And that door closed for others;
But that day didn’t come,
Until waking up from a deep dream.

Gone to far away,
New life, new place, new story;
Found an apple of the eye,
So similar to history.

Not in the glance,
Nor in the same nation;
But the forte,
And the ability.

Because that apple gone so far,
To hear and see it no more;
Her secret second love lasted,
Three years of fantasies.

Activities come her way,
Outside of her daily;
There’s this new canidae,
Who wink at her firstly.

Coy and lowly,
No idea to retort;
This become a thought,
That ponder in mind randomly.

Falling uncertain then,
Fancy develops secretly;
Too shy and can’t be near with,
Emotions controlled by she.

Though this gent is far away,
But damsel’s affection occasionally;
At some point she can forget – really?
If fancies runs to four years it’s way.

All those fondness she hides – to tell not,
Keeping it a secret – so good in that!
Looking only at the distant;
For this lad she thinks a lot.

Crying in silence – there’s a time!
When own feelings hurt her a dime,
Now start opening the doorway;
Willingness of this game to play.

To fall once anew,
Wishing it’s not a secret redo!
All her sanity and tenderness,
Is not her thing to confess.

But so there she is,
Awaiting to listen if hombre speaks;
But yeah she’s prepared,
And she’s an open-minded.
If there are others will come,
Will she be ready to welcome?

By: MisaeMich©️

Happy thursday everyone! Any thoughts or advice for this demure damsel we had… 😉

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