Out of the country for Lent

Hi, I am back!

On the Holy week from Good Friday to Ressurrection Sunday (Easter) I’ve gone to Mumbai, India. Since 2016, I make it a tradition to travel during these days mostly alone inorder to reflect.

This time I travelled with friends. This trip was a quick plan which we decided to travel eight days before our flight. We don’t have a long preparation and we encountered lots of trials in this short planning days. Well, I understand that when you’re travelling with others you need to consider their likes and opinions as well. So there were disagreements in those days as well as agreements of course! Though we have some differences but we indeed up enjoying our short trip in Mumbai. I am grateful I was with them too.

From this trip I learned, my character develops and the misconception about the place from others point of view became clear through this short experience I had.


Travelling alone or with friends

Travelling with friends is fun and travelling solo is more in self creation and discovery. Travelling either of the two have different unique experience which I cannot compare. This will depends on you.

Still, I always advise to those who love to travel that it is great to tavel solo even once a year.

On the other hand, the good thing travelling with friends, is fun and of course you can save the costs from accomodations to foods! 😄

The Place and people

Though our trip is just a short time, but I can say that all countries are good. And there are lots of good people everywhere. No need to find them, they are present wherever you are! 😉

For more stories about my travels, kindly visit and follow TraVol Mischwebsite, facebook page, instagram and youtube channel. Thank you!

GOD bless!


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