Do you value your mind?

“Life will give you not what you want but what you believe.” – Lena Kay

{Mostly, when I am into youtube I watch more on inspirational talks. I like motivational & self-help talks. And the quote above I heard it from Lena Kay’s talk at Tedtalks. It’s a great talk!”


In my opinion, I agree with her. What we have or what we become is because of what we think and believe. Our thoughts are very powerful which most of us didn’t realize. So blessed are those who think positive thoughts!


Subconsciously, in my past I realized already I did that in some of my experiences. I am not aware of it yet, but through the years I realized – why I succeed because I think I will!

One of my experiences and this one is easy to explain was when I won a game in my college intramurals. I never been playing it most of my time and it was my first time in a competition. To rate myself that time – I’m a beginner in chess sport! Note that I rarely practice it in those vacant days when not in the competition. What I did most was – I just watched some guys played (or practiced) – that’s it. But I program it in my mind that I will succeed and will win the game. My reason why I believe I’ll win, not for the fame for myself but to give achievements to our team and our batch.

In most of my great experiences, I thank HIM most of all. GOD bless! 🙏🏻

Have you been to any experiences for this topic in your life? Write it in the comments below. Let’s talk, share some ideas and experiences. Thank you! 😉


As of today, I think that I will write posts in my site twice weekly. I am determine to be more active in my blogs. I want to learn and so I need to write more often here and I will read more other blogs as well.

Thursday’s topic would be inspirational/motivational – quotes or poems or short stories either from me or from others. And Sunday’s would be a reflection day or from the Holy Bible ideas (in my Christian faith).

Those other days are for my work, travel blogs, other hobbies & rest.

Keep posted and thank you for the support. 😊

❤️ MisaeMich

2 thoughts on “Do you value your mind?

  1. Mike and Elfriede says:

    Awesome post. Fits right in with what I am reading right now. A book by Warren Henderson titled “MIND FRAMES” Where life’s battle is won or lost.
    On the back of the book it says: “As a man thinks, so is he. This is a fact we do well to heed.”
    Here is another quote from the book: “Proper control of the mind is absolutely necessary to the pursuit of Christ-likeness and fruit bearing. If the mind is depressed, spiritual control of the body is diminished.”
    Our mind is an important part of our body and life. I guess it’s like our control center.
    Thank you for posting your thoughts. Blessings, Elfriede

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    • MisaeMich says:

      Hi Elfriede!
      Thank you so much you like this post. ☺️ Happy to hear your comments. I haven’t read “Mind Frames” yet & thank you – you give me idea. This will be in my ‘to read list’ then. 📚 Great quotes from Warren Henderson! This is also similar to ‘Proverbs 23:7. ❤️

      Truly, our mind controls all in our body. Lovely quotes from the book indeed! Interested to buy it soon. 🤔

      Thank you Elfriede & GOD bless you! 💕

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