An ache in my lower abdomen disturbs me while busy at work in the office. At first it was a little pain I felt so I thought it was okay. Then minutes later I felt cramps on both of my legs. ‘Cramps!’ I hated to think because I know it was a dysmenorrhea. I tried to walk towards the restroom forcefully with my legs. I did it many times back and forth from my table to the toilet. Hated it! 😬

During periods in some women, there is that cramps felt in lower abdomen and both legs but sometimes worst occurs like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc while others faint. Girls that experience this things knew what I mean.

This is not to cause death of course but some are lucky because they didn’t feel any pain during their periods. Happy for you! 😉

I read post about why cramps happen during monthly periods. This explains in below screenshot photo from pinterest:

(Others to read: wikipedia)…

I am one of those who like to have a one day leave every month! Lol! 😄 For this reason.

To end my post for fun I found this quotes that said:

“I hate men who say girls are weak. Excuse me, but can you bleed for seven days straight and not die! I don’t think so.” -unknown 😜

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