I love badminton

Badminton is usually an indoor game. It is a racket sports that hits a shuttlecock (either nylon or feather shuttlecock). I am not an expert in this sport but this is one of my favorite games. For my group of badminton like minded friends here in Dubai, when we play we uses the feather type shuttlecock. Our group played by teams as doubles or mixed but random players. Our purpose is for fun and as an exercise on our vacant hours or mostly after work or weekends.

Quick History: When I was young I did played this game in outdoor usually in our backyard at home with my siblings or some friends. But we didn’t played this game often, only when we felt we like it ‘coz we have other favorite local games that time.

While playing we don’t have a formal court or rules, it’s just for fun and as our leisure during weekends when no schools. We uses rackets and nylon shuttlecock with no brand.

Career days: When I was working in the city – my third job, I knew and had colleagues who played badminton well. I joined them on some other weekends and again I am not playing for tournament or any but for exercise and fun only. Well, I think I’m a little bit sporty that time – I did joined few fun runs and did jogging for some early mornings too.

At present: This year we did played seven times already, twice with my housemates and fifth times with my badminton minded friends. Usually, our group reaches max about eight to ten players – those who like to play and are available on the schedule date. For this year we like to play in Dubai Sports World located at Dubai World Trade Centre. We like the place, they have areas for badminton games only – about twelve courts all in all. But here, you should booked early for your another plan game ‘coz the courts will easily got fully booked.

On our previous years, we played badminton mostly at school court near Al Nahda or Dubai Airport Free Zone metro stations.

Let me tell you a quick history about playing badminton in Dubai. Almost six years ago, I resided in Dubai for work and after two years while here, one of my colleagues invited me to play badminton. Here where I knew like minded people and we decided to play every other weekends. This started it all and up to now I am still loving badminton. Of course, some people gone, some people remain and some people come in the game but the good thing is I’m still playing. What I love the most is the fun while playing among’s us, hope nothing can change that. That’s the only goal that’s what we have – the fun! 😀 And I’m thankful I met these people in our group and friends – they are great.

Here is a long video from our day one game in 2017. Hope you enjoy reading my post and like watching the video below. Thank you. 🙂

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