Time for everything

Written by: MisaeMich
Photo: MisaeMich

The phone rang, she answered.
Got up, got out, went there.
“I’m sorry” he said.
“It’s okay” she replied.

That day she felt, calm and light hearted,
Is she worried? Nope she didn’t!
You are brave! One guy said.
Replied by still smile on her face.

Days gone while away,
Feelings change as mind thinketh;
To consider the things she reminded,
Still duties remain she shouldered.

This time yet cryin’
Worried nope – but sadden;
Felt apologetic about if,
But this is growth in herself.

To learn and understand,
Possibilities always in line;
Don’t be upset and dishearten,
Life is always better forward.

There is a “Time for Everything”,
As Ecclesiastes 3 reads;
(6) A time to lose and a time to get,
(11) HE hath made every thing beautiful in HIS time.

Life is a mystery itself,
As well as GOD’s plans to who believes;
To grow bold and wise,
You need to stumble and dive.

But faith can move mountains;
Let HE directs your every steps,
As she lifts all her if’s
To the one she truly trusts.

Felt doubt or certain?
Disturb or serene?
Well, she can be all of those.
But will never lose hope.

>MisaeMich© - 31,July2017<

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