‘Obstacles, Challenges and Trials add more colors & flavors in life.’

As we (me & friends) spend our weekends we decided to went to old market in Dubai. They have their photograph practice and I did click views in my phone. Colors, flavors, spices, boats, birds and people inspires me and decides to write it here.

The best market that we can find more fresh and affordable things are those in old or local markets in any country. A place where we can interact or bargain what we need to buy from vendors.

In Dubai, we can find it in Dubai Creek. This is the old commercial area and in early 20th century this served as a minor ports of dhows coming from India or East Africa.

Let’s take a look of those colorful spices!

Those vendors are good, they can speak different languages too. They just live life simply and happy. So this makes me think: in malls we just buy products as what the prices are while in old markets we did the bargain – where those humble vendors sold products for their family & basic needs. Don’t bargain too much!


One of those vendors


This inspires me! This is where I saw the hard labor. “I slept and dream that life was beauty; I woke and found that life was duty. Was thy dream then a shadowy lie? Toil on sad heart courageously, And thou shall find thy dream to be; A noonday light and truth to thee.”

A great experience and I will not stop this. Enjoy the remaining photos.


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